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Mad Men themed photo shoot

blue waters photo shoot

Blue Waters provided an outstanding vintage location for a Mad Men themed photo shoot. The West Australian 12/10/11

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The West Australian © Perth's original "party palace" is on the open market for the first time in 30 years. A toast to Art Deco architecture and the hub of Perth's social scene in the 1950s, the iconic Blue Waters residence in Como was built in 1954 by Mabel and Keith Perron, the brother of Perth billionaire Stan Perron. It has been restored to its former glory by owner David Cavanagh, who waited 12 years for the previous owners to sell it to him. "I got to know previous owner, so they got in touch with me to let me buy it when they were ready," he said. Mr Cavanagh, who owns an energy consultancy company, contacted the original owners to help with the renovation process. "Stan Perron steered me towards his sister-in-law Mabel and her daughter Judith, who were able to come back to the property with me and tell me what it used to be like so I could restore it to how it was when they designed and lived in it." During the four-year renovation, Mr Cavanagh learnt a lot about the colourful history of the property, which is on the market from $2 million and has appeared in national reference books on Australian architecture.

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